Casual Dining Solutions

Efficient ordering process, faster table turnover and serve more customers.

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Make Every Customer's Experience Memorable with a Casual Dining POS Built for your Business

Simple Interface

Easy to use interface. Make training your new employees a breeze.

Table-Side Ordering

Serve more tables without hiring more employees, reduce labor costs and avoid making mistakes.

Kitchen Display

Show all the orders on a bright and easy-to-read display system to increase service speed and efficiency.

Customizable Receipt

Customize the details for your receipt including trademark, location, font size and more.


With Kiosk self-service and QR Table ordering, customers can order and pay on their own. Increase your revenue with intuitive up-selling and modification features.

Don't let checkout take up the prime time

Accept Multiple International Payment Methods

Accept Apple Pay, Android Pay, EMV Chip Card, Google Wallet, WeChat Pay, Alipay, Gift Card, etc

Intelligent System

POS system can efficiently handle splitting and combining orders.

ABCPOS Ecosystem Product Suites Provide the Best Solutions For All Kinds of Businesses, Satisfy All Business Operation Needs

Cloud-Based POS

Platform Of Services with the cloud-based technology can cover all your business needs in operation and management

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Online Ordering

Create your own website to retain customers and increase online sales

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Self Ordering

Self-service system turns all mobile devices into self ordering terminals, easy and convenient

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QR Table Ordering

Customers can scan/tab then place the order, contactless and free

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Allow customers to join in the queuing with one scan of QR code better experience

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Restaurant App

Customized App for business, giving more ways to increase customer loyalty

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