Back Office Management

Simplify your back office management. Get real-time business reports and insights visualized with ABCPOS

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Real-Time Report & Analysis

Real-Time Report System

• Intuitive, real-time, detailed and accurate data visualization simple to understand.

• You can keep tracking of your restaurants performance in every aspects, checking reports on your smartphone when you’re not around.

• Compare sales and revenue information between different time range, or branches.

Comprehensive Reports

• Print EOD report in store.

• Export & print every reports.

• Sales breakdown by payment types, order types, and menu categories.

Employees Management

Staff System

• Keep records of your employees’ attendance and work hours to create analysis reports on each employee's performance and seeking for improvement.

• Set up flexible shift schedules for your employees based on your needs.

• Assign appropriate duties and authorities to each employee based on title.

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