Operation Management

Increase your in-store operation efficiency and expand your business with ABCPOS.

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In Store Operation

Integrate All Operations in One

• Accept online orders, self service orders, instore orders all in one POS system, all orders send to kitchen automatically.

• Access to your employee schedules and edit shifts, payroll information anytime.

• Smart payment, bill management, customers can split the bill and pay anyway they'd like.


Manage all your business locations in one account.  

• Create menu, floor plan, organize employees, and more for all branches with one account.

• View reports for all branches and each branch individually.

• Put your employees and products in the right place from your computer.

Equip your Locations with Powerful Management Tools  

Create accounts with customizable authorizations for your branch managers to view reports, add employee profiles, and more.

Sales Reports

Employee Management

Arrange duties for employees and report their progress to make necessary improvements.

Supplier Management

Schedule deliveries of supplies and organize inventory for proper service.

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