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Take orders and process payments more efficiently with ABCPOS Xpress system.

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ABC Xpress POS

Xpress system, Connections without Boundaries

Cloud-Based System Supports Offline Mode

Keep business going when there is no Internet.
Store important information safely in one place with cloud-based storage technology.

Simplified User Interface

Customize your own user interface to fit your using habits and preferences.

Detailed Reports & Analysis

Get access to the real-time reports and analysis of your business performance and seeking for improvement.

Know Everything About Your Business

Intelligent Sales Report

Provide detailed sales report and generate performance analysis on revenue and cost.

Sales & Employee Performance Analysis

Create reports on how well your staff performs on a weekly or monthly basis.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Stay on top of the inventory status, never experience shortage.

Set Users Interface that Fits Your Using Habit


We offer multiple languages operation in all our platforms.

Customizable Receipts

Maintain a cohesive branding in all of your formats.

Customizable Theme

We provide options for sizes, colors, and accessories to make your user experience unique.

Handheld POS

Run Your Business with Handheld POS

Streamline Orders and Payments

Take orders at the table with your customers, record any special taste preferences for dishes right away, avoiding mistakes, and misunderstandings.

Wireless Breaks the Limit

Contactless payment at the table, at the curbside, anywhere in the restaurant. Chip, swipe, NFC or digital wallets, customers can pay at their convenience.

New Way to Check-out

Include a built-in printer to print out the receipts right away for customers to tip and sign. Every order data will be cloud synchronized to the host POS terminal.

Small, Powerful, Reliable

The Size of a Cell Phone

A portable POS terminal that can fit in the palm of your hand,  with a 5” IPS tempered glass touchscreen, and long battery duration to handle all the rush.

More Advanced

Combined with PCI PTS 5.x generation payment tech,  2'' built-in high speed thermal printer, camera and barcode scanner for table side ordering and payments.

Spill Proof, Dust Proof, Drop Proof

Better quality delivers longer device lifetime and produces more value. ABC handheld POS can handle everything even during the busiest hours.

Payment Processing Solutions

Smart Cashier System    

• Gives flexible bill organizing for restaurants to satisfy all customers payment needs.

• Every order can be split or paid with multiple payment methods, guests can pay however they want.

• Smart tip suggestions, displayed as percentages or in numbers.

Process Online and In-store Payments

Best Rates

Regardless of the size and type of your business, we can always help you find the best rates in market.

Convenient and Safe

Support EMV and NFC mobile payments make payment process even easier, but more secure.

Smooth Integration

Process online orders and in-store orders under one account. Easy reporting to make better business decisions.

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