Business Efficiency

Enhance your business efficiency, reduce third-party commission fees, free up staffs and improve dining services with abcpos.

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Online Ordering

Online Ordering System

Website Set Up

Build up your own customized website and allow customers to place order directly.

System Integration

Orders will be sent directly to POS and then kitchen. Marketing tools are available to boost the sales.

Cost Efficiency

Flexible subscription plans for different order volumes. Save on commissions charged by third party platforms.

Traffic Management & Payments

Customer Order Data Manager

Keep your customers’ order information in one place and keep records of the order details.

Transparent Charges

Lowest in the market, help you to avoid high commissions and fees charged by third party companies.

Multiple Payment Methods

Customers can choose any payment methods at their convenience.


Order volume-boosting

Allowing inpatient customers to skip the line and order, pay with just a few taps, maximum the in store capability of taking orders.

Self service system

Self service ordering system is also mobile devices compatible, customers can use iPad to place the order in store.

Reduce operating expenses

With 1 kiosk terminal in store, it can save you up to 15% salary cost per year.

QR Table Ordering

New way of table ordering

Easy to use

With a scan on the QR code or a tap on the NFC, customers can directly place order on their phone, no need to wait for server.

Manage the orders with ease

All customer orders from mobile devices will sync to your POS system automatically.

Improve your daily operation

Reduce labor cost

Enhance the restaurant efficiency without hiring more staff.

Increase table turnover rate

shorten the dining period for each table and increase the efficiency in store.

Queuing/Waiting list

Smart queuing system

• Arrange reservations in system automatically, and gives clearly notifications for the up coming reservations.

• Customers can join the waiting list with just a scan of the QR code.

• Simple platform and operation page easy for the employees to adapt.

Better waiting experience

• Customers can spend their waiting time more wisely when they can leave the store after join the queue.

• Customers can manage their queuing and reservation status on their mobile devices.

• Customer will get text notification to come back before the table is ready.

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