From 2 stores to 200, our cloud-based systems help you to simplify, institutionalize, and streamline your multi-store management.

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Why Large Restaurant Brands

Successful Expansion

Collect customer contact information from all stores for marketing and promotion purposes. Keep both stock information and prices up to date. Reports and analysis help to build business strategy.

Real-Time Reports and Analysis

Real-time reports and analysis clearly show performance and profits from multiple stores, helping you to understand the costs of franchises and maintain or improve your bottom line.

Update Menu for All Stores

Manage menus in one place to ensure all franchises have the standardized menu and provide services to maintain consistent quality.

Customer Information Collection

Set up promotions for all franchises. With the loyalty program, your customers will be able to gain and redeem rewards at all locations across the United States.

Monitor Price Fluctuations

Costs and performance analysis based on the local market.

Operational Resources Sharing

Create and share menus, inventory lists, shopping lists, vendor and customer data for your franchise.

Customer Analysis and Management

Differentiate old customers and new customers to achieve precision marketing.

Reduce Employee Training Costs

Intuitive interface, easy to operate. High quality training programs to increase motivation and job satisfaction while reducing turnover.

ABCPOS Ecosystem Product Suites Provide the Best Solutions For All Kinds of Businesses, Satisfy All Business Operation Needs

Cloud-Based POS

Platform Of Services with the cloud-based technology can cover all your business needs in operation and management

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Online Ordering

Create your own website to retain customers and increase online sales

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Self Ordering

Self-service system turns all mobile devices into self ordering terminals, easy and convenient

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QR Table Ordering

Customers can scan/tab then place the order, contactless and free

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Allow customers to join in the queuing with one scan of QR code better experience

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Restaurant App

Customized App for business, giving more ways to increase customer loyalty

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