Fay Da Bakery
The outcome of using the software has brought a variety of benefits to Fay Da, such as spending less money on human resources. The staff has been able to provide better and faster services for customers, especially for orders at the front bakery. Tasks also don’t take as long to accomplish, which makes it easier to keep customers happy. Because the team is able to provide more and better services, the business has seen an increase in revenue. With cloud-based data, Fay Da is now able to expand to multiple stores, which allows the chance for increased brand recognition.


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ABC Solutions:
The solution to Fay Da’s problems came in the form of user-friendly POS software. This technology allows employees to manage orders and inventory from their smartphones and computers to save time and money for all services. With cloud-based software, the staff doesn’t need to keep information on paper and worry about losing data. The team can also access data at any time and location in case their services are needed while they are outside of the main office.

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