‘These touch screen kiosks improve my business efficiency, especially when theres have more than 20 people in line during the peak hours. Customers can skip the queue and order ahead with the fast and easy-to-use kiosk in the store. Not just kiosks improve the business efficiency, they help to save more than $30,000 annually from the labor cost perspective. One of the highest ROI ever!  I’m very pleased with the purchase of these touch screen kiosks. The cost is reasonable, the return on investment is great and the technology is cutting edge. I have been very impressed with the response from my customers and how easy it has been to train my staff on its use. - Eddie Zheng, Tsoacaa  


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ABCPOS helps the headquarters manage every location from the front to the back office. More specifically, ABCPOS offers multi-location and inventory management - enabling them to work closely with franchisees on each product, inventory and sales. Business owner can keep multiple stores on track using one account and order supplies through the central kitchen. They can also track orders from the central kitchen, get stock alerts when running low and manage the ingredients in real time. The inventory management can better assist the headquarters team in controlling stock levels until it gets auto-replenished by the central kitchen. During a pandemic, Tsaocha installed ABCPOS kiosk allowing contactless ordering, improving their labor shortage and preventing long queues in front of the cash register. Orders are sent to the kitchen directly without hiring a cashier to meet the demands. The cashier roles are replaced with self-service kiosk allowing 24 hours operation without staff shortage.

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